Meticulously crafted each Goldenberg instrument has its own rich, distinctive voice, its own warm highlights and texture. As a violin maker, I craft only one instrument at a time so that each violin, viola and cello flows from a single, uninterrupted creative process.

Because every hand-made instrument is unique, violin-making requires disciplined focus and intensity to develop the finest tone and form.

By using hand tools for every step of instrument building, I leverage precision, contact and intimacy to bring out the full potential of each instrument. With power tools at a minimum, the workshop focus is on what violin makers most value: artisanship, craft and tradition.

I strive in my violin making to construct modern instruments whose form and tone pay tribute to the classic Cremonese violin makers. I use the same techniques and methods we believe the classic makers used. The result is a unique one of a kind instrument.

As in the performance of a piece of music no two performances are the same. In the end the goal is to create an instrument that will perform for any player in whatever musical environment that player finds themselves in.