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Todd Goldenberg Violin Maker


Todd built his first instrument in 1975. From those early days until the present Todd has worked for violin shops in major cities. He has worked for and along side many modern makers. Todd has attended workshops with violin makers from around the world in a collaborative environment exchanging knowledge and techniques in violin making. In 2003 Todd built a workshop near his home in North Berwick.

Todd has taught violin making at the North Bennet School. Served on the board of the Violin Society of America. He is currently the violin making instructor at the UHH Craftsman Institute and co director of the Practical and Artistic Violin workshop of Joe Robson. Todd holds a B.S. degree in botany from the University of New Hampshire. Todd has been awarded a silver medal for cello tone in a Violin Society of America’s international competition.

About Todd Goldenberg, Maine

What People Say

Todd has worked on my cello twice in the last 5+ years – with great improvements in the quality of the tone it produces each time. I find him to be extremely knowledgeable, patient, prompt in completing the work, and very fair in his charges. I highly recommend him!!
Fay Rubin
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I am a local violinist and violin teacher for over 20 years now. Countless times I’ve referred my students to Todd for help with their instruments, as well as entrusting my own violin to Todd for attention and care. Todd is a knowledgeable, experienced and skilled luthier and handcrafts gorgeous stringed instruments. I highly recommend Todd and encourage you to contact him without hesitation if you’re considering having a violin custom-made or need help with your own instrument.
Sam G
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