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Years of research with natural resins and oils led to his development of a varnish that brings out the natural beauty of the grain while enriching the tonal qualities of the instrument

Handmade Violins, Violas and Cellos by Todd Goldenberg

A violin maker based in New England, Todd Goldenberg makes extraordinary violins, violas and cellos that are highly sought after for their beauty and exquisite tone. Using the finest materials, including European woods seasoned in his workshop and his personally formulated varnishes, Todd lavishes the highest level of carftsmanship and art on each instrument.

Creating one instrument at a time, Goldenberg begins with the finest materials, including hand-selected, seasoned wood from Germany. But the most valuable ingredient in his handmade instruments is the time he devotes to each step in every instrument.

Musicians understand that a handmade instrument by an experienced violin maker is much better in all aspects than a factory made one. A Todd Goldenberg instrument is an investment backed by decades of experience and knowledge in the science and acoustics of violins, violas and cellos. Todd Goldenberg violins, violas and cellos are in the hands of musicians at every level - from professional orchestra members to teachers and students - across New England and the rest of the country.

  • The Form

    Every violin, viola and cello hand built in my workshop begins with a form used by the world's most renowned violin, viola and cello makers: the Stradivari and the Amati families. History and experience tell us that these violin makers' forms fuse exquisite beauty with unsurpassed tone. My instrument plans use patterns from the Stradivari for violin, cello and many violas. I also use the Amati family outlines for some violas.

  • The Materials

    AAfter many years as a violin, viola and cello maker, I have found that wood from European sources lends itself to the finest instruments. In particular, European maple offers many special qualities that contribute to the form and tone of violin, viola or cello. All my wood is personally hand selected for beauty, texture and tonal qualities. After seasoning in my wood loft, these European maple and other woods are ready to be transformed into a fine instrument. Years of working with these European woods has also shown how well they respond to my specialized varnish. Together, varnish and wood help create the unique and rich tone of the instrument.

  • The Process

    As a violin maker, I craft only one instrument at a time so that each violin, viola and cello flows from a single, uninterrupted creative process. Because every hand-made instrument is unique, violin-making requires disciplined focus and intensity to develop the finest tone and form.

  • Gallery of Instruments
    View photos and details of Todd Goldenberg's hand-crafted cellos, violins and violas.


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